Ukraine to hike domestic gas prices by 50 percent to meet IMF demands | Reuters

Ukraine to hike domestic gas prices by 50 percent to meet IMF demands | Reuters.

So there we have it, the IMF gets it’s foot in the door of Ukraine’s people with a bailout, but the price is a 50% hike in the Gas they pay.

People won’t like that when the bill hits the doormatt, when that happens will the people start to wake up to the IMF and it’s structure of keeping the people in an ever spiraling tide of debt?

Israel steps up warnings of military strike on Iran to return attention to its nuclear program | Fox News

Ok people, 1st we had this report on March 21st 2014

Israel steps up warnings of military strike on Iran to return attention to its nuclear program | Fox News.

And today Israel closed all it’s embassies around the world giving a ‘strike’ over pay as the reason…

hmmm, strike being the operative word here?

Also reported by DAHBOO7

Get yourself prepped up, just incase.

WORRY: More Unusual “Activity” at Yellowstone Super Volcano

WORRY: More Unusual “Activity” at Yellowstone Super Volcano.


1) The ground inside the gigantic mouth of the Yellowstone Super Volcano is rising and moving southeastward.

2) Helium -4,  not normally present, has suddenly appeared at Yellowstone  in unbelievably large amounts never seen before.

3) When Helium -4 was seen at other volcanoes, it appeared shortly before major eruptions of those volcanoes.

4) Prior to most volcanic eruptions, earthquakes occur near the volcano and just this past week, a Magnitude 3.5  earthquake occurred close to Yellowstone crater, on 11 February.



Naysayers beware, the evidence is stacking up.  if you’re waiting for a mass-media announcement….it has now happened and wont get any more direct. These words don’t come lightly from experts who appreciate that such statements – if wrong – can undermine the jobs these scientists do.


We have previously (within the last week) been warned an eruption could occur suddenly with no warning….that was the warning!

ISS live to be retired in 2 weeks!

ISS live! The International Space Station’s live feed is to be retired in two weeks according to a statement published today on their website.

No reason has been stated on the website, you are simply told to redirect questions to Jennifer B Price.

We can only await for further information, it would be prudent for them to issue a statement before the conspiracy theorists start having a field day…


​Rome days away from bankruptcy — RT Business

​Rome days away from bankruptcy — RT Business.

“As of March, we’ll have no funds to pay 25,000 public servants, buy fuel for buses, maintain kindergartens and remove rubbish. Rome won’t even have money to canonize two Popes, John-Paul II and John XXIII, an event of global scale,” Mr Marino declared.

“We’re not going to block the city but the city will come to a standstill. It will block itself if I do not have the tools for making budget decisions and right now I cannot allocate any money,” he told the SkyTG24 news channel.

» JP Morgan Chase & HSBC Imposes New Capital Controls

» Chase Imposes New Capital Controls on Cash Deposits Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

According to Meghan, when she asked a Chase bank teller why cash deposits couldn’t be made into another person’s account, she was told that the new regulation was imposed by governmental request.

Also on 24th January 2014…

Some HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it, the BBC has learnt.

Listeners have told Radio 4’s Money Box they were stopped from withdrawing amounts ranging from £5,000 to £10,000.

HSBC admitted it has not informed customers of the change in policy, which was implemented in November.


New Plastic ‘Zeoform’ Turns Hemp Into Almost Anything | Collective-Evolution

What if today’s plastics could be made from materials that were not only sustainable but non toxic? Today, our plastics are made from oil which means not only are we putting toxic chemicals into our atmosphere, but we are also filling our environment with products that cannot bio-degrade.  – See more at:

New Plastic ‘Zeoform’ Turns Hemp Into Almost Anything | Collective-Evolution.

This is the way forward, don’t listen to the ‘haters’ on this one, they are paid to de-bunk to save oil…


OBAMA REALITY CHECK – What Is “The Truth”? – YouTube

Ever wondered why everyone hates Americans so much, this will give you the answer, please note: Graphic content.

If I was to witness a murder right next to me yet did nothing about it, I could be tried in a court of law as an accessory to that murder, aiding and abetting or failing to report a crime. Until such time as you 315 million Americans get off your lazy fat butts and cull your government who only seem to spend their entire time at war with others, then you are witnesses to the murder they commit and are equally guilty of their crimes…